Eggs, the Food of Many Faces

How many ways are there to enjoy eggs? You can poach them, fry them, scramble and bake them. But eggs alone cannot satisfy this cook... There are perhaps as many ways to enjoy eggs as there are to make heuvos rancheros. Simple and delightfully messy, huevos rancheros are a terrific gentle-on-the-wallet weeknight meal. Like tortilla soup, huevos rancheros are all about the garnishes. Collect your favorite mexican food memories and compile them over tortillas and eggs, and you will have something like huevos rancheros. While a particularly creative friend of mine poaches her eggs in tomatillo salsa, I prefer to fry mine before transferring them to a cheese topped tortilla in a heated skillet.

Huevos Rancheros My Way

1 avocado, cubed
1 package of grated sharp white cheddar (Cabot Farms in Vermont makes a great sharp white cheddar)
1 c. salsa (I used Green Mountain salsa, later rinsing and saving the jars for water glasses)
6 small corn tortillas
6 eggs
1 tbs. butter

Heat a frying pan over medium heat. Place a tortilla in the pan and top with cheese grated on the big holes of a box grater. In another frying pan, melt butter, and begin to fry your eggs, one or two at a time.

When the eggs are begin to brown on the bottom, transfer them one at a time onto the heated tortillas. When your eggs are done cooking to your satisfaction, transfer the egg and cheese topped tortilla onto a plate. Garnish with salsa and avocado. Repeat the process, beginning each time with a clean tortilla, fresh grated cheese, and fried egg. Garnish and serve. Easier than pie.

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